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Originally Posted by DisposableJustice View Post
1. Battery
2. Master of Puppets
3. Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
4. Ride the Lightning
5. The Unforgiven
6. Lords of Summer
7. Wherever I May Roam
8. Sad But True
9. Fade to Black
10. ...And Justice for All
11. One
12. For Whom the Bell Tolls
13. Whiskey in the Jar
14. Nothing Else Matters
15. Enter Sandman
16. St. Anger
17. Creeping Death
18. Seek & Destroy


quite a nice little surprise, for all the hate the St. Anger album gets I think the songs translate very well live
Yeah, they sound much better live, but I can't stand the title track.

There are some great riffs on that record, like Sweet Amber.
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