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A couple have been spoken for. Here's what's left. I'm honestly probably going to toss them next week if no one's interested.

L - Cradle of Filth "Burning Church" with "Cemetary at Sundown (I think)" written on the back
XL - Cradle of Filth "Dragon"
XL - Cryptopsy logo (small) with ...and then You'll Beg landscape on back
XL - Deicide "Insynerathym" cover with album title on back (shit album but I like the shirt)
XL - Dissection "Pitchfork" logo
XL - Emperor "E" Logo with Empirial Live Ceremony pentagram on the back
XL - Emperor "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" cover with band photos on back (very old, very worn, one of my favorites)
XL - Emperor "Wrath of the Tyrant (I think)" horse guy with pentagram on back (long sleeve)
XL - Enslaved "Ruun" cover with logo on ass
XL - Faith No More "We Care A Lot"
L - Mayhem "Deathcrush" cover (hard to make out but it's the "hands" picture) with the album title on the back (red t-shirt) (the cut of this one is weird and feels tight around the chest, I honestly wore it twice in three years)
XL - Mayhem "logo" with triple cross thing on the back
XL - Morbid Angel "Formulas Fatal to the Flesh: Come Dance with Me" 1998 tour (longsleeve) (very, very old and very, very worn)
XL - Nile "Black Seeds of Vengence" (feels more like a XXXL to me)
XL - Nine Inch Nails logo (very old)
XL - Slayer "Cathedral" (very old)
L - Wu-Tang Clan logo

XL - Rob Van Dam "RVD" with dragon on back
XL - Raven
09/19 -- Godflesh
09/25-26 -- Godspeed You! Black Emperor
10/03 -- Origin
10/04 -- Black Dahlia Murder
10/16 -- Negura Bunget
11/01 -- Deafheaven

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