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MDF haul:

ACxDC patch
ACxDC - The Second Coming 7"
Agoraphobic Nosebleed "Altered States of America" shirt
Aosoth - Arrow in Heart vinyl
Archagathus - Canadian Horse vinyl
Asphyx MDF exclusive shirt
Cloud Rat - Moksha vinyl
Dark Angel MDF exclusive shirt
Death - Leprosy vinyl
Deathspell Omega shirt
Enabler - La Fin Absolue Du Monde CD
God Macabre "The Winterlong" shirt
God Macabre - The Winterlong vinyl
Gorerotted shirt
Horrendous shirt
Inquisition "Obscure Verses for the Multiverse" shirt
MDF shirt
Pungent Stench "Been Caught Buttering" shirt
Seven Sisters of Sleep shirt
Seven Sisters of Sleep - Opium Morals vinyl
Tankard shirt
The Afternoon Gentlemen - Pissedography vinyl
Timeghoul patch
Yautja shirt
Yautja - Songs of Descent vinyl
8/1 October 31
8/5 Foreseen ?
8/8 Bongripper
8/14 Gravehill
8/26 Turnstile
9/4 Origin
9/5 Bat
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