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Originally Posted by Grayfox View Post
I think that both Matt and Freddie had... interesting exits from Iced Earth.

In an interview, Freddie was asked how he would feel about doing an Iced Earth/Ashes of Ares tour and he said "I wouldn't like it at all. Not interested." He also said there was a reason for his abrupt departure but that he would never comment on it. It could be a family issue or something, but from things that he's said, I somehow doubt it. The fact that both him and Matt left and started their own band...

And I believe Matt wasn't happy with how IE management handled his leaving the band again. They kept saying he was retiring and he mentioned that "retire" is not the word he wanted used. When asked how the recording process for the Ashes of Ares debut differed from recording an Iced Earth album, he said "It was nice not be told how to sing." Plus, I think they want Ashes of Ares to stand on it's own, so that's probably why there's no IE covers.

I think the Ashes of Ares album was a good effort. I'm hoping their follow up will be better though. I was really looking forward to it but A) I think the mix kind of sucked. Kind of really sucked. And B) A lot of the music was pretty generic for my liking. I sort of wish Matt had re-joined Pyramaze.
I'm not sure there's ever a good/amicable departure from Iced Earth. First, let me say, I met Jon Schaffer after Iced Earth's Columbus show this year and he was very nice. He took photos with fans and signed everything we asked for.
Having said that, he doesn't seem very easy to work for. Raphael Saini was announced as a replacement for Brent Smedley and then was gone in the blink of an eye. On the album he was only credited as a session player. When Barlow left the first time, Iced Earth said he was inspired by 9/11 to become a cop, but the reality was he was poor and needed a real job. source:
Also, check out these comments from original lead guitarist Randall Shawver:
Romulo Jess Pridgen - It would be nice if you and Dave Abell reunited with Iced Earth again, even if it is for a little bit.
April 2, 2012 at 1:53am 1
Randall Shawver - The problem with that is Jon would want to keep 95% of the profits.I dont work for peanuts anymore.
April 2, 2012 at 7:46pm 2
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