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Animals As Leaders -- Cleveland, OH -- May 23rd, 2014

Venue: Agora Ballroom
Source: Me

My buddy and I arrived at the Agora just as Conquering Dystopia was starting their last song. I was pretty bummed because I've been meaning to check them out. But I got a really good idea of how good they were from that last song. Jeff Loomis and Keith Morrow were awesome! I also had no idea that Alex Webster was in the band . After their set, everyone was hanging out by the merch booth and I briefly looked over and thought I saw Alex Webster. I walked over and to my surprise it was him! You would think the press releases and promos would mention he was in the band haha.

After a short set change, Animals As Leaders hit the stage at 10.

Tooth and Claw
Tempting Time
Wave of Babies
Air Chrysalis
Point to Point
The Price of Everything and the Value of Nothing / Behaving Badly
Physical Education
The Woven Web

I absolutely love the new album so I was excited to hear some new tunes. Air Chrysalis is my favorite song on it so I'm glad they played it! Physical Education wasn't one of my favorite songs on the album, but hearing it live changed my mind for sure.

The crowd had awesome energy throughout. My only complaint (very small complaint) is that we didn't get Song of Solomon or An Infinite Regression, two of my favorite songs. But any time you can hear them destroy with CAFO it's a good night.
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