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Leftover Crack -- Santa Ana, CA -- May 23rd, 2014

source: me
venue: Observatory

I went to see LoC open up for The Adicts. I was skeptical in seeing LoC again after how terrible they were last time. They had their moments tonight with sound, but I blame it on the venue for that. The punk parts sounded good, but the ska parts sounded muddy. I can't tell who is playing guitar. Looks like a clean Ezra, but I don't think it's him. Stza sounded really bored at times and it kind of ruined parts for me. At this point, there are only a couple of songs by LoC I haven't heard and know I won't be hearing them, so I can pretty much predict their set. I was stoked they brought back Crack City Rockers. I only saw that one once in 2007.

Heroin or Suicide
Life is Pain
One Dead Cop
500 Channels
Atheist Anthem
Gay Rude Boys
Stop the Insanity
Crack City Rockers
Ya Can't Go Home
Rock the 40oz
Born to Die
Crack Rock Steady
Burn Them Prisons

I saw the first three songs of The Adicts and left cause I'm tired and wanted to go home. I'll catch them another time when I'm feeling it more. They were awesome for what I saw.
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