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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Honestly the odds of me cancelling my Network subscription after the 6 months is highly likely. I use it to watch the PPV that's all.

The fact that it can't show what I already watched, has a terrible layout and still constantly crashes makes me not want it.
I mainly use it to watch the PPVs, NXT and Main Event. I've watched some older stuff and while it's cool to relive those shows, I also know it will be years before I get the craving to watch them again. I don't get the complaint people have about it not being able to tell you what you've already watched? If you do start watching something you've already seen, just turn it off and watch something else. What's the big deal?

What do you watch the network on? I watch it on my PS3 and maybe my internet sucks but the on demand stuff does still freeze up on me a little. But the live stream works great, so who knows? I think watching the PPVs live for the price you pay is a good value. Those shows aren't worth the $50 something you would pay without the network but the PPVs are certainly worth about ten bucks.
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