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Yeah it was definitely one of the best shows I've ever been to. I'll take leave from one of the other threads and post my disorganized thoughts

- Kvelertak kick ass but their vocalist is a bit too spit-happy. I got a face full of it at one point.
-Also he came up to me on the rail several times and started screaming in my face. I don't speak Norwegian. This was more awkward than anything. Also the first time he did it I didn't notice because I was headbanging and I got a face full of sweaty torso.

- The Palladium's rail setup was a fucking disgrace. They had it curved like a half-moon meaning all crowd push converged to the front center no matter what direction it was going. I'm a big guy and this wasn't my first rodeo but the amount of pressure going onto that rail during Gojira was downright punishing. Worth it though.

- Out of the 3 times I've been to the Palladium this was the best sound quality I've seen. Usually it's loud to the point of distortion but it seemed spot on all night.

- The crowd was way rowdier for Mastodon than I expected them to be. That floor was crazy.

Also I got a broken drumstick from Mario, and Joe called me out between songs saying "you seem to be having a good day", and had me hold up the stick to the crowd. He later threw me 2 picks
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