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Originally Posted by hb420 View Post
Yes! Three Crosses is amazing and easily a contender for SOTY. You're right about the industrial/electronic/noise stuff not panning out right. I felt they hardly used any and what they did use did not fit very well. I'm hoping we see someone like Sanford Parker himself take up a position in the band like he did with Nachtmystium. So they explore those possibilities and fully utilize them on the next full length. I think Death Mask would also be a perfect candidate to have a remix lp as a companion piece. Have people like Haxan Cloak or Author & Punisher do the remixing.
I think A&P would be perfect for a remix with probably being a lot closer to the industrial elements that they're going for. There are so many good ideas (Possession Prayer comes to mind) and they just don't amount to anything. I think their next record's going to probably be AOTY whenever it comes out once they have some time to further what they're going for on this.
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