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When I said Kverlertak were decent, I was talking performance wise. I've listened to a bit of their music before, and while not terrible, it's not quite my thing. As for Mastodon, i've seen them live before, and while they were decent then, they're definitely not a band I would seek out to see again just based on their live performance. I've also mentioned i'm not really huge into their music, but I definitely dig their earlier, metal-leaning stuff more than their last couple of releases (at least what i've heard from those albums), and since I know their setlists over that timespan are more weighted in favour of that material, I decided to pass. And again, if I knew March of the Fire Ants was being played, I might have stuck around. Plus I really only watched Kvelertak because I had to. Hypothetically, if Mastodon was opening and Kvelertak was headling (I know that wouldn't happen with these bands but just an example), i'd obviously watch Mastodon, probably think they were ok, and then bolt before Kvelertak hit the stage. I never got into the whole "You have to see them live" argument when it comes to bands you're not interested in or are borderline about. If the enjoyment of the music itself isn't there than the live performance is likely not going to do much to change that.

Another thing factoring into me leaving was the venue. The Sound Academy is so goddamn narrow that you're either up front or in the middle and squished, or you're near the back and can barely see the stage (And at 5'8" I don't exactly have the height advantage for the latter). The balcony for most shows is also reserved for people with premium tickets (this was one of those shows). There's just simply no place to relax or chill out and watch the show from afar, and I didn't really feel like putting up with that lack of luxury for a band I don't really care for. If this show was at a different venue, say the Kool Haus - a venue of similar size but better layout and a better location - I might have stuck around for like 25-50% of the set probably as it's easier to do that. But given all these factors I just decided to split.
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