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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
I'm also liking the setlist changeup. I know a lot of people were blowing their load over "Blow Me Away You(niverse)", but Oroborus and Vacuity absolutely kill live. It's almost impossible not to headbang to Vacuity.
Understood. But when you've seen Gojira 3 times and they play 80% of the same songs every time, it gets a bit numbing. Every time I've seen them they've played all these songs except In The Forest. They did To Sirius one other time. They have such a good catalog now. Wish they'd bring in songs like A Sight To Behold, In The Wilderness, Ocean Planet, and new ones like Planned Obsolescence or Mouth Of Kala. So much good shit! Seems they like to play it safe.
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