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1. N M 156
2. Enforce
3. Deliverance
4. No Sanctuary
5. Take Hold Of The Flame
6. Before The Storm
7. Child Of Fire
8. Warning
9. Roads To Madness
10. London
11. Screaming In Digital
12. Breaking The Silence
13. Anybody Listening?
14. Where Dreams Go To Die

15. Prophecy
16. Redemption
17. Eyes Of A Stranger
18. Queen Of The Reich

For those wondering why N M 156 is the opener and Warning is before Roads to Madness.
"The album's original track sequence and sound mix that the band had approved, was changed by mix engineer Val Garay under orders from EMI-America, against the wishes of the band.[4][6][7] This original intended sequence is identical to the final track listing but with the following exceptions: "N M 156" as the opening song and "Warning" as the second to last track, displacing "Child of Fire". The band first learned of this in August 1984, while on tour in Japan.[4]"

The original order the band wanted makes the album flow better. Also I was told that Neue Regel is suppose to be the opening track on Rage For Order. Just like N M 156, Neue Regel as the opener helps the album flow better.

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