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Yeah, I'm trying to create a virus that causes a zombie apocalypse so I can sell it to Putin.

But seriously - I'm not sure where you got the "lab" part of my job description from. I've done that kind of work before, but not since college, really. More often than not I work in a typical office setting (a cubicle, actually). Occasionally you'll find me on site on some R&D project I may be working on, such as post-combustion capture of carbon dioxide from coal flue gas (back in 2008 - 2011), or for the project I'm working on now, where we built a pilot plant with $15 million of government money to prove a concept called chemical looping.

To answer your question, I'm a chemical engineer by education with an Executive MBA. I've worked a lot in business development (hence the strong interview skills ), and recently as a project manager responsible for getting the above equipment designed, fabricated, constructed and tested.

It all sounds rather glorious perhaps, but there are actually a lot of other people who do what I do, and probably better than I do it. I'm just a cog in the big machine, man.
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