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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Aha. I can vouch for that via personal experience. As I mentioned above, the job I interviewed for in 2002 was a lot like that, since they basically already knew I was qualified. Turns out my future boss (and his boss as well) were both fellow boaters, so we hit it off well and it was a slam dunk. Easiest interview I've ever had, and a very fortunate situation to find oneself in.
Nice. I imagine, and this is just a hunch, but in my opinion a justifiable hunch considering I've read what you've had to say on this site for years now, that you have a very personal demeanor and a charming personality that would woo interviewers. That goes a long way.

I would prefer to interview without talking about music, books, etc., because in all honesty most people don't like the things we do, and the odds of winding up across the table from someone who does, especially in an interview setting, are unfavorable.

Too bad I have an anti-lying philosophy though. If they ask, I'm going to answer.
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