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I agree so far. I'm about halfway through Season 2 now. The last episode I saw was the one where a bunch of secrets got exposed (SPOILER ALERT: walkers in the barn, an unplanned pregnancy, etc.). That episode alone was worth a great deal of pondering - though I must admit I'm consuming the show in large gulps (pun / imagery partially intended ), so I don't stop to ponder much, but once I get caught up so I can read this thread safely, I'll be much better able to discuss those tasty morsels (that pun was 100% accidental ).

Great show, though. For sure.

On a side note, I'm also following Fargo so far, and that's one delightfully twisted little bunch of genius right there. Having the Coens aboard means that signature odd tone and atmosphere that only they can bring is in full effect. Lve it.

Now all I have to do is get back into Breaking Bad and finish that one off, too.

So much good TV these days...what the fuck's up with that?!?
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