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Originally Posted by ravenheart View Post
I like how "I don't like it" translates to "overhyped". Actually, it isn't overhyped at all, because it is a cut above most other things it ages with. The writing is so much sharper than shit like New Girl, How I Met Your Mother, Rules of Engagement, Two Broke Girls, and all that other Sunday morning cheesy "we'll never be Tool Time" crap. But I know how finding a main character annoying can ruin a show, as Gordo said about Ted in How I Met Your Mother (for most people, that's Barney).

I really want to get into this, but we've only had season 1 here, and that's crap. I know it's better after that, but can't watch it.

I might have to resort to "finding" it online if they're never going to release it here.
Being overhyped isn't a reason for disliking it, it is just an annoyance that adds to already existing hate.
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