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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Jesu Ė Silver (2006)

Iím really not a huge Godflesh fan and Iíve really never listened to any other Jesu. From what I gather this is a little more polished, upbeat, electronic and less-sludgy than most of Justinís Jesu material. Itís another album I got around that fabled Christmas of 2006 but I got it at a more tumultuous time, a few months earlier when I was struggling (big-time) through Intermediate Trade School. So an album that was depressing yet had a glimmer of hope surrounding it was a welcome listen at the time. The title track starts things off with a more typical sludgy dirge. Itís more shoegaze than doom. It was the song that first brought the album to my attention. Star is a lot poppier and upbeat, with some nice jangly guitar and some wicked droning keyboards in the last few minutes. Wolves is another slow song that is more doom-metal with a lot of electronics. Call it ďelectronic-doom-metalĒ if you like. It starts off rather slow and plodding but once it hits the halfway point watch out. Dead Eyes is an instrumental that finishes everything off and itís really good with some great electronics. Too bad this is not an album but an EP. It ends way too early (even though itís twenty seven minutes long). Like I said, I havenít heard any other Jesu but what I have heard is no where near as good as this. If this had of been a full-length album itíd have been top twenty material.
Favorite Song: Wolves
My favorite Jesu record. Four perfect songs. Conqueror and self-titled are also wonderful. Sorta lost track of them though. Haven't listened to their newest music yet.
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