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Originally Posted by Dj1214 View Post
I like some acoustic and was thinking of going to check this out next Saturday in Philadelphia but i keep telling myself hearing songs like Black and Trust acoustic and not loud and heavy will be too weird for me lol. But everything i keep hearing from this tour is positive so maybe I'll check it out.
Did they have a good amount of merch? T-shirts and what not?
Dude, check out this tour! The acoustic versions of TRUST & BLACK are different, but still good. I actually prefer the acoustic TRUST to the original. Plus, if you've seen 7d some 30x this may be your only chance to see them do a different set. As much as I love 7d (they're my favorite band), they play pretty much the same 12 songs at every show. Check out this acoustic tour if you are at all interested. I guarantee you'll like it. For merch they had a few different t-shirts ($30). One pf them had the acoustic tour dates on the back. I wanted to buy one of those BLACK OUT THE SUN hoodies, but they didn't have any hoodies at all.
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