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Miss May I -- Pontiac, MI -- May 1st, 2014

A band from Dayton, OH called Hail To The King played first. I had no idea they were on this show. I saw them open for Hatebreed in Toledo last year. They were excellent... a fantastic way to start the show & get the crowd going.

Next was For The Fallen Dreams. their set was heavy on songs from their new CD. I'm fine with that because it's their best one. My favorite song on the new CD is "Lights." Sadly they did not play that, but maybe next time. During "Brothers In Arms" they had about 20 fans up on stage screaming the chorus with them at the end. That was really cool.

For The Fallen Dreams setlist
Emerald Blue
Dream Eater
Brothers In Arms

Miss May I headlined. I had seen them 4x before as an opening band & thought they were OK, but they were great as the headliner. I LOVED their set. They said they were gonna play a lot of songs they haven't played in a long time. Also, everyone at this tour got a copy of their new CD, which came out on Tues. That was cool. Great set, and I can't wait to see 'em again this summer on the MayhemFest.

Miss May I setlist
Relentless Chaos
Masses of a Dying Breed
A Dance With Aera Cura
You Want Me
Our Kings
Ballad of a Broken Man
Hero With No Name
Forgive & Forget
Day By Day
Refuse To Believe
Hey Mister
9/3 Shai
9/17 Erra
9/20 SFTP
9/23 7d
10/3 KoRn
10/5 Norma Jean
11/20 MH
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