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Mastodon -- Los Angeles, CA -- May 2nd, 2014

Just got home from this. Very fun show.

I rolled out from work to meet up with my buddy Danny Six-Pack in Pasadena for the show. Somehow, the fastest route to his place ended up being a scenic drive through Hollywood Hills. Rad! After kicking it for a bit, we headed out to Krishna LABrownie's place. I ended up jamming with Six-Pack (him on bass and me on drums) for an hour or so. It was my first time playing music with someone in maybe three years, so I had a fricken' blast.

The three of us then headed out to Club Nokia for the show. Walked in with plenty of time to kill for Kvelertak. They were actually a lot of fun live, though I'm not entirely sure I'd dig them on album.

Gojira was next and they absolutely blew me away. Incredible energy and performances, and the songs sounded massive. People went bonkernanas for Backbone, as did I. Joe sounded badass as fuck and Mario was like the prog metal version of Dave Lombardo. Just awesome. Gojira ended up stealing the show for me.

1. To Sirius
2. The Heaviest Matter of the Universe
3. Backbone
4. Flying Whales
5. L'Enfant Sauvage
6. Toxic Garbage Island
7. In the Forest
8. Oroborus
9. Vacuity

The last time I saw Mastodon was the Missing Link festival in 2010, which might be forever known as Mastodon's worst show in their career. This time, things were definitely a bit different. Brent was the MVP, his vocals were actually nearly perfect (dude totally nailed Naked Burn, which surprised the hell out of me) and his playing was stellar. Troy's voice actually sounded weaker than I remembered from years ago. I think he's Hetfielding- like he's learning how to sing better, but his natural gruffness is fading as a result. Brann was pretty inconsistent, which is what I remember. Bill and Troy really upped their stage presence big time, especially Troy. He actually looks like he's having a lot of fun onstage.

So after seeing the fucking amazing setlist that Mastodon were playing the other nights, they went and replaced Trampled Under Hoof from Remission with Blasteroid from The Hunter. BOO. The set, while played excellently, felt like just a totally random playlist of cool Mastodon songs. There was no flow to the set at all. The band, while sounding really tight and solid, also seemed to lack the kind of extra fire and energy that really makes a set stand out. Gojira had that in spades, and Mastodon just seemed to be running through a set like it was pure business. The Impaled set I saw a few weeks back is a good comparison too- the set was full of fuckups and random problems, but the sheer energy and bulldozer-like drive came through and made the set utterly transcendent. I got that vibe from Gojira tonight, and not so much from Mastodon. At least I can say I saw Mastodon finally give a really good, maybe great (though not quite amazing) show with a really balanced setlist. Sure as hell beats the shit out of Missing Link 2010.

Also, Chimes at Midnight sounded pretty solid, probably the most straightforwardly aggressive thing they've done since Blood Mountain. I think it definitely lacks the songwriting complexity and creativity of the songs from that album though. High Road still sounded really lame to me. It was significant for being the first Mastodon sound (not counting Deathbound) to actually feature Bill in a significant way though. He was helping out Brann with the high vocals a lot.

1. Hearts Alive
2. Divinations
3. Crusher Destroyer
4. Capillarian Crest
5. Black Tongue
6. Bladecatcher
7. Crystal Skull
8. Siberian Divide
9. Naked Burn
10. Megalodon
11. Oblivion
12. Blasteroid
13. Octopus Has No Friends
14. Chimes at Midnight
15. High Road
16. Aqua Dementia
17. The Sparrow

My buds and I agreed that Gojira basically murdered everyone, Kvelertak were a good time and Mastodon were very good. Night peeps.

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