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Originally Posted by Spiner202 View Post
Nice! I presume you'll always play Never Look Back and This Holy War, but those are the two songs I'd most want to hear when I eventually get to see you guys.
Yeah, pretty much - I'd say those two aren't going to be going anywhere. "Destiny Calls" and "Mask of Lies" are pretty big staples as well and are pretty much in every set unless it's a time-crunch. It's getting more difficult to settle on songs now that we've got two albums' worth of material to consider, but the songs we play most off Mask of Lies has a lot to do with the way the public responded to them on the album as well as live, so we'll end up doing the same following the release of the new album.

By the way, I love that you said "When", as opposed to "If"! We need to better-examine the logistics of trying to come up to Canada (Toronto, specifically, maybe Montreal as well), but if we can make the numbers work, it'll be something we really try to accomplish in support of the new album, along with the trips we're already working on.
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