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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
The storyline is that Knux's family runs a carnival and they want him back home to help with it but he wants to wrestle. So, I guess he's gonna bring some of his carnie friends to TNA. All they've done on TV is show vignettes about this storyline but it has nothing in common with the Wyatt's.

If you want to bash TNA how about the fact that they have Eric Young as world champion while talented guys like Samoa Joe, Austin Aries and Kenny King aren't doing shit at the moment. Or how about the company letting guys like AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Kazarian go. How about reading the spoilers for next weeks impact and see that they had Eric Young keep the belt against Bobby Roode?

The X-Division, Knockouts and tag team scenes are non existent. The X Division consists of two new guys right now. Sanada from Japan (the current champ) and Tigre Uno from Mexico. Good workers? Sure, but you can't build a division around them. The tag scene has two teams, The American Wolves and The Bro-Mans, that's it. The Knockouts have Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Gail Kim and one new chick. There's still too much Dixie Carter on Impact as well. It's always been frustrating to be a fan of TNA but even Vince Russo's booking never made it as fucked up and pathetic as it is now.
I think I was bashing on them for the whole Eric Young thing last week.

I find it sad to look at the roster page on their site. It's so small as it is and what is there is so many "who"'s and nobodies. And you can subtract three people right off the bat since Joeseph Park/Abyss, Jeff Hardy/Willow and Manik/someone I can't remember are the same people. And I thought a lot of those people (Rampage Jackson, Chris Sabin and ODB) didn't even wrestle for the company any more either. At least when they had all those WWE cast-offs a few years ago they had a lot to work with. No, it's a sad roster.

But I think TNA is a company on it's last legs anyway.
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