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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Well, I'd use the term main eventer loosely. They wanted him to be this monster heel to challenge Super Cena. But it fell flat on its face. Partially because they gave him no time to build (he got a title shit against Cena at a pay per view within a couple months of his character change). Partially because his original baby killer character was still too fresh in people's minds and it was too hard to take him serious. And partially because he was a terrible wrestler. When Cenas carrying you then you know you got problems.

Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
Anyone read that Dean Amrbose is now the longest holding US / Intercontinental / whatever it's called now champion.

He doesn't even bring it to the ring sometime lol
YUP! I'd love to see Ambrose do some more singles matches and defend it, make it worth something and not just a fancy decoration, but teh Shield as a whole keep getting involved in whole stable storylines which defintely makes everyone forget he even holds the title, so its just kinda there... there could be a whole grand scale of Lower to Mid-Carders that could fight for it if he wasn't constantly stuck with a busy and "more important" storyline.
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