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Originally Posted by smearCampaign View Post
I think Inquisition is making some of the best black metal in the world currently, but this has the potential to end their intentions in the 'mainstream' extreme metal world and at the same time the 'kvlt' black metal fans have begun to shun them for 'leaving the underground'. You think they'll still get that Mayhem tour? I have my doubts...
It's hard to speculate about them being dropped from the Mayhem tour since it's still far off. Everything will depend on the reaction to the upcoming statement, which I assume will calm the situation.

Originally Posted by moobys37 View Post
Nobody should be surprised about this news. They were really nice when they played here on their tour around Rites of Darkness so to me it's whatever. As long as they aren't goose-stepping onstage I don't have a problem with it but this is going to really hurt their popularity.
It is certainly a bump in the road, but all of this controversy will also introduce more people to their music. In the short term a bunch of PC people who were never dedicated fans in the first place will criticize them, but after a while it will blow over, just as the case was regarding many other bands that flirted with extremist views and/or used Nazi symbolism in the past.
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