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brb.... Need to delete my Ace of Base records

Here's my take on the Inquisition thing. I don't take a band member's personal politics into account when listening to metal. Especially extreme metal. There's not a single Inquisition song that has anything to do with national socialism. So if one or both of them is or used to consider themselves nazis, that's shitty, but their music is not promoting that viewpoint at all. Burzum is a perfect example, tons of people enjoy Varg's music and hate his personal politics at the same time. You want some extreme metal that has offensive content in their lyrics? Go get Arghoslent's Incorrigible Bigotry and Impiety's Paramount Evil; but those bands didn't just tour with Behemoth (who has some sketchiness of their own in their past).

My whole Ace of Base comment stems from the fact that they famously have a member of their band that's a nazi, yet I heard one of their songs at the fucking grocery store a couple days ago.

I think Inquisition is making some of the best black metal in the world currently, but this has the potential to end their intentions in the 'mainstream' extreme metal world and at the same time the 'kvlt' black metal fans have begun to shun them for 'leaving the underground'. You think they'll still get that Mayhem tour? I have my doubts...

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