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Metal Injection is a joke, but there is some truth to that article. There is an old photo of Inquisition in front of a Nazi flag in the booklet of a compilation album they were on. Season of Mist is trying to bury everything now, but it seems like it may be too big of a challenge for them. Here's an interesting quote from Antichrist Kramer last year regarding the artwork for Obscure Verses for the Multiverse.

I have received quite a few emails and messages concerning a post that I made here on this forum in early 2012 concerning the artwork for the new album, as I announced that I had begun work on it. I posted the news of the band's new album being worked on, and that Dagon called to let me hear some of the new riffs, and even emailed some tracks to me with him on guitar and doing vocals through headphones, just so that I could start getting a feel for the album and begin sketching ideas for the cover. I posted this publicly last year, and from that point up until around 3 months ago, I was indeed creating the album cover. It was to be an amalgamation of my ink style and my painting style, to create a juxtaposition between those looks and "raise the bar" for what people were to expect to see. There was a scheduled 7" that was supposed to come out prior to the album that was going to use a detail from the final album artwork as its cover, and act as a "teaser", which the final and full version was to be revealed when the album came out. The band never saw any of the sketches, nor any "in progress" pictures of the painting, however that is how I work when doing a cover, as the band does not see it until I am done. Every band I have ever painted a cover for knows that this is how I work, so to circumvent anyone thinking that had anything to do with this situation. Roughly 3 months ago, I found out that Gerardi had been contacted behind my back and hired while I was already working on the cover. Those are the facts, and that is all that needs to be known by anyone not directly involved, ie myself, the band, their manager and their label.

To give perspective, I am DEATHKEY, ran SATANIC SKINHEAD PROPAGANDA, session live with GODLESS NORTH, proudly painted covers for my brothers in DER STURMER and ABSURD, and other things that fall under the un-PC banner and that is not something that would have not been accepted by the mainstream metal world when promoting the new album and it's artwork, at least in the eyes of some. Not all labels of that caliber are as respectful and true to the underground reality as Profound Lore who gladly promote my artwork such as they did for the last VASAELETH album cover. Other "larger" and "mainstream" labels contribute to the fantasy world of pseudo-extremism and package it neatly for the PC metal world and MDF chicken suit fans who want to be "extreme", but not "that extreme".

Obviously the band themselves have a very un-PC past, as with the picture from "From Columbia With Hate" where the band is posing with a Swastika flag, being on No Colours, Dagon being 88MM, old interviews, and on and on, yet a label the size of SOM can do a good job at creating a false reality and keeping underground information, "underground" as to not cause concern from fest organizers etc. Time will tell what the future holds.
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