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Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
Really? Why? Is he trying to forget that stuff?
Not really, I think personally he would rather play that stuff than Whitesnake, it's just not the point, the new stuff is. Plus, barely anyone cares. I expected the whole new album (which they did minus one song which was planned but had to be cut) and the rest being Whitesnake. So to only get two Whitesnake songs, and the rest of the slots be Vandenberg, Manic Eden, and three covers, was surprising to basically everyone there (less surprising to me on the night because I already knew the setlist from earlier in the tour, but equally surprising when I first saw it).

And honestly, even once the Manic Eden and Vandenberg songs were revealed, it was obvious no one cared. Once they record a second album, I wouldn't expect any of his old stuff apart from a little Whitesnake to be in the set.

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