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That's the final boss? Damn, kinda lame, but cool at the same time . I think I was stuck on Disc 2 because I couldn't beat the goddamn element changing boss in that one spot where you just walking up and up and up and up (I think) :p

Anyway, I agree on most of the aspects of this. I think the thing that truly kept me playing were the graphics and gameplay and trying to master the battle system... not so much the story or characters at all. Obviously looking at it that way makes me give it a SMALL bit of a higher score, but not too much higher. Overall, good breakdown of the game! I don't think the "Go from left to right" bothered me too much because I sometimes prefer more simple straight forward games (which is why I purchase more DS games than 360, more simple and pick up and play), and this game was def more straight forward than all the previous. I still want to go back and play it some more, but just can't find the energy to do it.
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