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Back in 2008 I had gotten a new job and had some money I wanted to use on some new games for my Xbox360; while I had a few in mind, I saw this trailer on youtube:

I had never heard of Dead Space but this trailer alone hooked me into trying it out and man what a game

I am not generally a big horror game fan, I did play a little here and there (mostly resident evil) but never got into it. Picking up Dead Space and playing it was a fun but very creepy experience. The developers did a great job of producing a scary atmosphere; a voiceless character pretty much by himself fighting off what used to be the crew trying to say alive. While I loved when Issac Clarke got a voice in DS2, I think him being silent was perfect for this game as it adds to the dread of being alone surrounded by monsters. The sound team for this game should get a lot of credit for adding to the already terrifying setting that kept me jumping in my skin.

While the combat was great it wasn't groundbreaking (shot the limbs, ok that's fine) the weapons were fresh and I enjoyed upgrading and playing around with them. The story was strong but you had the feeling (SPOILER ALERT) that Nicole, the sole reason Issac is on the ship is long dead.

Again I do not consider myself a horror game person and I am sure those who are may not agree with me but I believe Dead Space to be one of the scariest games and a ton of fun to play. The success of Dead Space lead to a whole universe being created for it, and to me makes it one of the most important games of 2008
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