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Well damn, forgot to update this!

We have some HUGE news for our second album. The song writing is complete, but we wanted to have some REAL Violin tracks, so we contacted someone whos playing we love, this person being Sareeta from Norway! Sareeta is best known for her work with Borknagar, TrollfesT, among many others, as well as being a part of the upcoming super group God of Atheists (featuring ICS Vortext, Trym, Ihsahn, and others).

We are VERY excited to have her guest on our album. I believe she will be playing on just about every song, and the samples she has sent us are sounding amazing! She definitely adds so much more to our sound!

The album has no set release date, but will once again be released through Razed Soul Productions. The Cusp of the Void is doing pretty good, and the reviews have been great for it so far!

You can get a digital copy ($5), or stream it for free, on our bandcamp page, here:
And there is a link on our page to get a physical copy as well
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