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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
In Chicago the two main record stores I know of are Reckless Records (3 locations in Chicago, none in other places in the USA, and some in London) and Record Breakers (which is a record store on top of Reggies Rock Club.
There are also a few smaller ones around Logan Square that are pretty nice. Logan Hardware and Bucket O' Blood records. Logan Hardware is a nice, small little independent store that doesn't really cater to anything other than the general populace of the area. Bucket O' Blood specializes in punk, indie, and metal and also has a good sci-fi/horror book selection. Both are nice places I need to frequent a little more.

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Young and In The Way - 'When Death Comes To Life" 12"
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Moral Void/Young And In The Way split 7"
Gaza - "No Absolutes In Human Suffering" 12"
4/27 - Iron Reagan/Enabler
5/15 - Nothing
5/16 - Ulcerate/Inter Arma
5/17 - Pig Destroyer/Weekend Nachos?
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