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This is the vinyl I scooped during Record Store Day, all original:

•Manowar - Kings of Metal
•Anthrax - I'm The Man single
•Mercyful Fate - Curse of the Pharaohs
•Pink Floyd - Alan's Psychedelic Breakfast live single

And a note on Record Store Day: a friend of mine and myself set out early to hit up all the record shops in the Buffalo area. We hit the two Record Theater's first; the only national chain record stores in the area. The first had a line wrapped around the block just waiting to get in. We obviously left. The next one you could walk in, but the check out line was wrapped up and down every single aisle in the store to the point that you COULDN'T EVEN BROWSE! Ugh, the hell with that. We the. Started hitting all the small local shops up, which were practically empty! ON RECORD STORE DAY! I guess the hipsters just had to have those "awesome" reissues they (re)released this year. Sure there were a few good ones but damn seeing the little shops so empty and the national stores absolutely swamped angered me, especially because the exclusive releases were really nothing that special. Ugh, way to show your support to local record shops people!
2/19 - Cannibal Corpse
3/7 - Carcass
3/15 - Megadeth
3/24 - Archgoat
3/27 - Grim Reaper
4/16 - Ghost
4/25 - Amon Amarth?
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