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Whiplash - Ticket to Mayhem - October 2, 1987

Whiplash's second full length largely picks up where their debut left off -- bombastic, blistering speed-thrash with little room for anything else. Ticket to Mayhem features a little more variety in the songwriting department and thus is a bit of a better listen than Power and Pain. Indeed, there's even a song that is more of less a power ballad ("Last Nail in the Coffin") but songs like "The Burning of Atlanta" and "Snake Pit" hit you with thrash riffs aplenty while drummer Joe Cangelosi relentlessly pummels your eardrums. Frontman Tony Portaro has a real knack for writing melodic riffs while keeping them every bit as vicious as some of his East Coast brethren. New York City had quite the thrash scene in the mid-80's, and while the Bay Area may be the more glamourous one, with bands like Whiplash, in addition to the likes of Overkill, Carnivore & Nuclear Assault, New York was probably home to the more ruthless one.

Standouts: The Burning of Atlanta, Spiral of Violence, Eternal Eyes

Score: 7. 5/10
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