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Show was ehh. Unearth put on a great performance as always but their setlist has become so stale. And it really doesn't matter what album they're supposedly touring in support of, you would think they're still trying to promote The Oncoming Storm. Like you, I was hoping we'd get the Oncoming Storm in its entirety, but that wasn't in the cards I guess. I don't know why these 6-7 dates don't get the Oncoming Storm in its entirety but the tour in May does. They play Great Dividers, Endless, This Lying World, Black Hearts Now Reign, and Zombie Autopilot at every show already, but I'd love to hear shit like Failure or Predetermined Sky. The other bands also did nothing for me, and like I mentioned before, there was such a feeling of overall indifference for all the bands.

It was cool to hear a new song and Last Wish though.
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