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New additions:

Capitalist Casualties "Disassembly Line" 12"
Capitalist Casualties/Macabre split 7"
Captain Cleanoff/War of the Second Dragon split 7"
Cloud Rat "Moksha" 12"
Dark Tranquillity "A Memory Construct" 7"
Demilich "20th Adversary of Emptiness" 3x12"
Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in the Dilapidation "Wallow" 12"
Ghoul "Hang Ten" 10"
Gorguts "From Wisdom to Hate" 12"
Heartless "Certain Death" 7"
Iron Reagan "Worse Than Dead" 12"
Kill the Client/Thousands Will Die split 7"
Occultist "Death Sigils" 12"
PLF "Devious Persecution and Wholesale Slaughter" 12"
Struggle/Undertow split 7"
Suffering Mind/SixBrewBantha split 7"
The Black Dahlia Murder "Ritual" 12"
The Kill/The Communion split 7"
Torn Between Worlds "s/t" 12"
11/11-J Mascis
11/12-Judas Priest
11/13-Excruciating Terror
12/5-Despise You
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