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The first Dead Space was amazing as I will talk about in the next post, and Dead Space 2 did a great job of continuing the story

Set on Titan one of Saturn's moons Issac Clarke wakes up 3 years after the events of the first game with his mind wrapped, alone on a decaying space station with Necromorphs everywhere, and perhaps most important a voice; giving Clarke a voice after being silent on the first game was a huge gamble and it paid off as Clarke managed to become a solid character with his struggles with the marker in his mind his guilt over loosing Nicole and the horror of surviving the alien undead once again. I felt like DS2 was not as scary as the first one but the developers did a great job of not trying to copy the first and let the second become its own.

The only big issue with DS2 I think is that there is a ton of story thrown at you in waves about the Dead Space Universe where you got a small taste of it in the first one, leaving you struggling at times to keep up and toward the end I feel like it took a little bit away from the gameplay but not enough to ruin it
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