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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
It was cool to hear the Evolution theme again but it's not a reunion I ever wanted to see. I was hoping Flair would walk out after all three where standing on the stage together. Now that would've been awesome. The reunion isn't pointless though since they came back together organically with the storyline they're involved in. The fans didn't seem to care too much about it but that's probably because nobody really wanted it or it was the end of the show and the fans were tired.

I don't really see the point in the IC title tournament. They already have the number on contender and that's Del Rio. He's pinned Big E a couple times in non title matches over the last month. Used to be that was one of the things that got you a title shot. I guess that's not the case anymore. It's nice to see that even though the WWE is heading in the right creative direction now, logic still escapes them. Some things will never change.

I think Cesaro will win the IC title tournament. Even with Heyman at his side he won't be ready to main event for a little while yet. So, give him a really good run with the IC belt and see what happens after that. The title is perfect for him since Cesaro is more like a Malenko or Benoit than he is a Punk or Cena.
Evolution coming back only matters because it's a stable to go against the shield. Going to be a great feud between those, even if in skill the Shield dam near dwarfs Evolution.

Cesaro is the right level of guy to really add meaning to the IC again. Give him a good run with lots of defenses and he'll build a very solid following. He doesn't need a whole lot of a push to be a main eventer, but a good IC run would get him there no problem.
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