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Ghoul -- Hollywood, CA -- April 13th, 2014

All setlists are courtesy of our buddy at Metal Assault.

This show was rad as fuck. All the bands ruled and brought something unique to the table. The afternoon leading up to the show was also a huge amount of fun. Lots of hanging and running around with a couple of the bands plus two LA metal warriors that some of you guys might know and love. Definitely an incredibly surreal day in the life of Onioner.

I ended up spending a lot of the show hanging out backstage or running back to the floor to catch the bands. It was definitely a lot of fun getting to actually chill with people at an LA show during the set breaks, which I really don't get to do too often down here.

Witchaven was first up at the Roxy. These guys are the best metal band in LA right now, no question. The band played one of the best sets I've seen from them ever. No equipment fuck ups, the sound was stellar and everyone's energy level was at 110%. The crowd wasn't as enthusiastic as the last couple times I saw them though- I don't think anything will ever top their set at the Key Club where the crowd was just going apeshit, even if this particular performance was much better. The new songs sounded fantastic, they have this awesome NWOBHM/70s punk inflection to their already black/d-beat/thrashiness and they are epic as fuck. Their new album will rule faces.

01. Blood Sacrifice
02. Empty Chasm
03. Children
04. Black Thrash Assault
05. Unholy Copulation

Next was Occultist. These guys are some of the nicest people you'll ever meet on tour. They play a crusty blackened thrash thing that's really heavy and crushing. Pretty sick stuff. Unfortunately, their sound was pretty fucked on both the monitors and the PA, so their performance definitely was a little off.

01. Iron Distort
02. Devil’s Breath
03. Blackest Apothesis
04. Death Sigils
05. Consumed
06. Transfixed

Iron Reagan fucked the Roxy up. The crowd went totally bananas for these guys. The first couple songs actually sounded kinda stiff and slow for some reason, but after Drop the Gun everything was gravy. Tony was on fire, jumping from the drum riser and just being nuts. The Cannibal Corpse cover was also pretty sick, it was definitely well-done without being too straight of a performance. In my opinion, Iron Reagan are one of the most exciting bands in underground metal right now, it's been pretty amazing watching them work their butts off and kill every place they play. Apparently IR will now be Tony and Landphil's primary focus from here on out, I guess they want to make Municipal Waste more of a festival band that doesn't tour as much. To which I say FUCK YEAH.

01. Mini Lights
02. Drop The Gun
03. Insanity Plea(se)?
04. Walking Out
05. Pay Check
06. Snake Chopper
07. Rats In A Cage
08. Tongue Tied
09. The Living Skull
10. Zero Gain
11. Spoiled Identity
12. The Hungry Male (Of Wall St.)
13. Cycle Of Violence
14. Slightly Out Of Focus
15. A Joke A Fraud A Fake
16. Eyes Piss Tears
17. I Ripped That Testament A New Asshole
18. Skull Full Of Maggots (Cannibal Corpse cover)
19. Eat Shit And Live

Ghoul finished shit off. This was definitely the best I've seen them yet. Their new-ish drummer Peijman rules, his energy and stamina is just incredible. They played almost an entirely new setlist compared to the last time I saw them, the Maniaxe material really got the crowd going apeshit. The surf instrumental the opened the set was also really cool, I would definitely love it if Ghoul went full on surf thrash, especially since no one else really owns that sound yet. Kids would stagedive all over the place and a couple actually took selfies with Ross and Sean, which is just way too much IMO. My generation is fail. But yeah, the band was just totally on it with the performance and the characters that came onstage were hilarious. I do wish they played a little longer. They were onstage maybe for just under an hour. During the final song, a cover of Americanized by GWAR, the bands from Richmond, VA (Occultist and Iron Reagan) joined Ghoul onstage to help sing it. Then half the fricken crowd jumped onstage to sing it. It was fucking nuts.

01. The Midnight Ride Of The Cannibals MC
02. Inner Sanctum
03. Sewer Chewer
04. The Mark Of Voodoo
05. Brain Jerk
06. Maniaxe
07. Blow Up The Embassy
08. Rise, Killbot, Rise!!!
09. Destructor
10. Spill Your Guts
11. Gutbucket Blues
12. As Your Casket Closes
13. Metallicus Ex Mortis
14. Numbskull
15. Americanized (GWAR cover)

Spent the post-show mulling about and trying to help the guys unload without getting in the way. Saw Ross hang around for like 15-20 minutes just talking with these two kids, a brother and a sister who came to the show. They wanted him to sign stuff, but neither had a pen. Ross then ran to the merch booth which was already being packed up, dug out a sharpie and signed all their stuff, personalized it, took goofy photos with those kids and hugged them when they awkwardly asked him for a hug. Nicest guys in the world right?

I said my temporary goodbyes and went home. Spent a few hours finishing up post-show duties with one of the bands, and saw them off the next morning. Next up will be my report from the Tankcrimes Brainsqueeze fest this weekend. Onioner out!

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