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Originally Posted by MikeConnor123 View Post
Awesome show!! Support was by BAT, October 31 and No Stayer. I missed No Stayer, October 31 was okay although I wasn't familiar with any of the songs. BAT is a new project featuring Ryan Waste from Municipal Waste on guitar and vocals and Felix from DRI on drums. They were fucking awesome, I can't think of any of the song names but they played their whole demo, a new song and covered Celtic Frost's Into the Crypt of Rays. I definitely recommend checking these guys out. Last up was Satan who killed it! They played for an hour and a half and played everything completely spot on and sounded perfect. If they're coming your way on this tour I would recommend taking the chance to go see them. The venue was small, but they show ended up selling out which I was a bit surprised of


Into the Fire
Trial by Fire
Blades of Steel
Time to Die
Twenty Twenty Five
Break Free
The Ritual
Siege Mentality
Alone in the Dock

Heads will Roll
Key to Oblivion
Kiss of Death
WANT. I believe they should be rolling through the west coast in October. Definitely might have to throw a cross-Cali road trip for that.
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