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St. Vincent -- Pittsburgh, PA -- April 11th, 2014

Digital Witness
Birth in Reverse
Laughing With a Mouth of Blood
I Prefer Your Love
Every Tear Disappears
Prince Johnny
Year of the Tiger
Huey Newton
Bring Me Your Loves
Northern Lights
Strange Mercy
Your Lips Are Red

If the show wasn't officially sold out it was pretty damn close to being so. Noveller, a one woman project armed with only a pedal board and a few guitars, opened and was absolutely fantastic. Think of the swells of Mogwai combined with the ambiance of a Brian Eno. Slappy and Nat especially would dig what she does I think. The only song I remember was No Dreams. St. Vincent followed soon after and entered with the rush of Rattlesnake and Digital Witness. Annie Clark probably the best frontwoman in music today. She has so much charisma that so many musicians are lacking right now. Unfortunately we didn't get the Nirvana cover she played in Chicago but we still got about 90 minutes of an artist at her best. The main riff in Huey Newton might be my favorite heavy riff of the year and Bring Me Your Loves' riff is basically lifted straight from Cowboys From Hell with a twist. This was the next to last show of her spring tour but I'm pretty sure she'll be touring in the fall again so make sure you don't miss it.
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