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Originally Posted by adamclark52 View Post
Black Sabbath
Support: Reignwolf
Date: Friday April 11th, 2014
Venue: First Ontario Center (formally Copps Coliseum) in Hamilton, Ontario
T-Shirt Worn: Pentagram (not the band)

I showed up way earlier than Iíd wanted to for this show. I really didnít want to see Reign Wolf. I was worried about him/them since I knew how your average Black Sabbath fan would react to a guy playing guitar and a bass drum all by himself. Thankfully he brought his full band out for the first three songs. He/they played some pretty good blues-based rock not unlike the White Stripes, just more intense. He had a great guitar tone and loved what he was doing, but it got a little boring after a half an hour. And in a large venue it was lost. If I saw him/then in a club it would probably be awesome. He played six songs; one was called Electric Love (the song that's him on guitar and bass drum by himself), and another cool one with an electric mandolin that looked like a Gibson Explorer. I think that song is actually called Electric Mandolin. He/they were actually really good.

After only a fifteen minute break (which was fucking awesome) Black Sabbath came out to surprisingly little fanfare. People will shit on them at this stage of their career, specifically on Ozzy. But he actually sounded really good. The only song where his voice was bad was Into the Void, which was too bad because itís probably my favorite song by them. Aside from that he sounded fine, especially on the newer songs from 13. I guess they were written with his current key in mind. Too bad those songs really did suck. And I noticed some guitar overdubs on the three new songs. Not that it really matters. Geezer Butler was the highlight of the show for me. He doesnít move much aside from his strumming hand. But his strumming hand is just crazy to watch. I love how he strums with all four fingers at once rather than one or two fingers. And the times when his bass was really audible through the mix (which was unfortunately not too often) he had a really great tone. The set was good. They played some really cool videos during a few songs, a couple that had tons of boobs. But the video during Under the Sun was actually really awesome. It had some pretty harsh religious imagery from movies that looked to me to be from the 1940ís to the 1970ís. The drum solo was a bit lame and went on for way too long. But they played a few bars of Supernaut and another song that I recognized but canít name right now before it. They played a few bars from another song I recognized before Paranoid too. I was glad to hear a lot of songs I didnít expect like Into the Void, Fairies Wear Boots and Children of the Grave. The only songs I could do without were the new songs and Dirty Woman. That song just sucks. They played for a surprisingly long time, close to two hours. If theyíd cut the four songs I wasnít a fan of it wouldíve mad for a more digestible hour and a half. Two hours was a bit long for me.

One thing I wish about this show was that I'd gone with someone else. I knew at this show not to expect any deep cuts or surprises (even though songs like Under the Sun, Behind the Walls of Sleep and Dirty Woman could be considered that). Just the hits and the same set as every other night of this tour, the last tour and the next tour. So I really wish I could've gotten completely shit faced drunk and just rocked the fuck out. At a show like this (much like Megadeth) you just need to lower your expectations, expect nothing out of the ordinary and have fun. I still did and Iím glad I went. I saw Black Sabbath in 1999 on their first reunion tour and the openers were better at that show. But I think I enjoyed Black Sabbath a lot more at this show. It didnít hurt that I was in the fourteenth row instead of the nosebleeds.

Black Sabbath
1. War Pigs
2. Into the Void
3. Under the Sun
4. Snowblind
5. Age of Reason
6. Black Sabbath
7. Behind the Walls of Sleep
8. N.I.B.
9. End of the Beginning
10. Fairies Wear Boots
11. -drum solo-
12. Iron Man
13. God is Dead
14. Dirty Woman
15. Children of the Grave
16. Paranoid
I MAY be wrong, but I think they have Adam Wakeman, offstage, playing keyboards and extra guitars.

Now, Ozzy's vocals? There might very well likely be some tapes going on there.
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