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Since there's the new album, I'll do another one for H.e.a.t:

1.Point Of No Return
3.Late Night Lady
4.I Can't Look The Other Way
5.Need Her
7.We Will Never Die
8.Straight For Your Heart
9.In And Out Of Trouble
10.Mannequin Show
11.Beg Beg Beg
12.Living On The Run
13.1000 Miles
14.Laughing At Tomorrow
15.It's All About Tonight
The Wreckoning
16.Tearing Down The Walls
17.We're Gonna Make It To The End
18.There For You
19.Keep On Dreaming
20.A Shot At Redemption
7/18 - KISS/Def Leppard
8/14 - Motley Crue/Alice Cooper

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