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The Dead Space series is simply fantastic; 3 of 4 are on my list (I did not play the Wii version although watching playthroughs it looked interesting) so let's start with the most recent one

Of the 4 Dead Space Games, 3 was by far had the most complex story, diving into the origins of the nercomorphs and their place in the universe. DS3 to me was not as scary as the first one but the new features more than made up for it. Being able to craft weapons was such a blast to do coming with different combos to deal with your foes. I admit I got a little lost toward the end in terms of story involving the aliens who created the machine to fight the necromorphs and in some ways the story started to drag. However the ending was great and the DLC hopefully opened the door to Dead Space 4;.....unless it was all a dream, Issac Clark (SPOILER)
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