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Behemoth -- Hollywood, CA -- April 5th, 2014

Venue: House of Blues
Source: me with help of

Last night was the Metal Alliance tour. I had no plans of even going because the show sold out on me before I could get a ticket. My friend hit me up the day before and told me he won a pair of free tickets and offered me his plus one. I immediately said yes. I had never seen Inquisition before due to bad luck with them every time they came to town. I had never seen Behemoth headline before, only saw them play a 20 minute set at Sounds of the Underground in 2006. I always love seeing 1349 and Goatwhore, so this was going to be perfect!!

The venue's website said the first band was going on at 7, so we planned on arriving at 7 to make sure we were inside in time for Inquisition. Well that was not the case. Traffic completely screwed me over. We finally got over to the venue a little after 730 and I went to park in my normal spot, and the building where I parked was completely gone!! I ended up getting delayed for about 15 minutes while I found a new spot to park. We rushed to get in line and waited eagerly to get in. We got in a little after 8 and saw a band setting up. I asked someone if Inquisition was up next and was informed that they had just played.

1349 went on at 8:10 an played about 40 minutes. I only recognized Sculptor of Flesh and I am Abomination. I really only know the material from Hellfire. I like the other stuff, just never listened to it much. They played a new song that sounded fucking awesome. It was a bummer that Frost was not playing drums with them. I hope he does one day.

Goatwhore came up next and played about 45 minutes or so. They were definitely the most fun for me last night. As soon as they started, I jumped into the pit and moshed for most of their set. I didn't write a setlist down for them, but I know they played mostly songs from the last album. They did Apocalyptic Havoc and The All Destroying. They played some songs from A Haunting Curse, but I forget which ones due to not writing them down. They played a new song that was really good. I can't wait for the new album to come out.

Behemoth went on around 10:30 and played for a little over 60 minutes. It was kind of a bummer they didn't play longer, but they put on a great show nonetheless. I was in the pit until after Slaves Shall Serve. I was literally blown away by how awesome they sounded. Nergal had this cloak on with the hood up, so he looked super evil. I went crazy when they played Slaves Shall Serve. I had been waiting 10 years to hear that song played live and I finally had my dream come true last night!! After that, I was tired and hung out on the side of the venue until it ended. At the very end of Oh Father Oh Satan Oh Sun, they all grabbed these demonic masks and put them on and it looked so awesome seeing them like that. I was very impressed with their show.

Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel
Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
Conquer All
As Above So Below
Slaves Shall Serve
Christians to the Lions
The Satanist
Ov Fire and the Void
Furor Divinus
Alas, Lord Is Upon Me
At the Left Hand ov God
Chant for Eschaton 2000
O Father O Satan O Sun!

I bought a baseball jersey shirt from Behemoth for $30. They had tour shirts for $25 and long sleeves for $30 plus other goodies.
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