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Texas Hippie Coalition -- West Springfield, VA -- April 1st, 2014

full review, y'all

I got a free ticket, and I liked their Rollin' album. A bit more hard rock/octane rock/metal /alt metal than true metal, but still a straight ahead fun time if you like that sort of thing.

Basically the band Hellyeah WISHES they were- they were a little no brains fun, heavyish, good control of the crowd.

Texas Hippie Coalition (8:59 - 10:10)
  • Hands Up
  • 8 Seconds
  • Red Devil
  • ? Who's Drinking with me?
  • Outlaw
  • ?One more? (you got your number ones)
  • Turn it Up
  • Splinter (new?)
  • Don't Come Lookin'
  • Sex, Drugs, & Rock n Roll
  • Ride On (new)
  • Pissed Off and Mad About it
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