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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
I guess maybe this lessens the chances of them doing a 10th anniversary "play Leviathan in its entirety" tour.
troy said handful of shows, not a tour, and were already well into the mixing of the new album when the idea was mentioned, so its release doesnt necessarily have bearing on them doing leviathan shows

I was just told that we could do a handful of shows this summer where we just play Leviathan live. I think [the record] is great and Iím certainly a fan of longevity. I donít know many bands that have stayed with the same four guys for the last 14 years. Iím proud of that and think itís great we are still friends and have the same focus and drive. I remember the four of us were prouder of that record than any of the previous ones. And Iím still really proud of it. Itís still classic in my opinion. But itís more difficult to create a set list for live shows when you have more material under your belt. This will be our seventh record. Thatís sixty something songs and all of us have favorites. Some of us are maybe a little tired of some of them. I donít think any of us would be opposed to playing a Leviathan show and a handful of other songs.
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