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Sodom - Expurse of Sodomy - October 1, 1987

I sincerely hope Onkel Tom thanks the deity of his choice every day for the gift of Frank 'Blackfire' Gosdzik in 1987. It's quite possible that without Blackfire, Sodom would be a mere curiosity in the world of metal and Thomas Such would be back toiling away in the coal mines of Gelsenkirchen. Instead, Blackfire convinced Tom to move away from the sloppy, lo-fi sounds of his early works in favour of tighter, more concise songs with less emphasis on occult themes. Blackfire's first recording with the band is this excellent three-song EP and the sound is worlds away from Obsessed By Cruelty, released only a year earlier. There are still hints of the filthy black/thrash of early Sodom and indeed, most of Sodom's best work features that filthiness but these are some thrash scorchers of a very high caliber. Blackfire's nimble fretwork is a definite highlight but so are the shredded vocals of Angelripper which are a perfect fit for the band's new sound. This is the true debut of Sodom, and a great precursor to the classic that would follow only two months later.

Standouts: All of 'em

Score: 8/10
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