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They should've had Rick say at the end that they're "fucking" with the wrong people. It just would've sounded better. They let Breaking Bad get away with using it a few times, they should've let it slide once for this show. Are they worried families might be watching this show together or something? Foul language aside, this was a good season finale but I could've done without all the flashbacks. I get what they were trying to do with them but it wasted too much time that could've been used to further what was currently going on.

I was hoping Joe and his group would stick around for next season but Rick did kill him in one of the most badass ways possible, so i'm OK with him not making it. At least Rick is back to who he needs to be again and that's trouble for the people of Terminus. I'm not sure how they'll get out of this situation but with Rick as the leader again and everybody working with him, I know they will come out of it. Rick and Abraham will no doubt clash over who's supposed to lead at first though. Except for Sasha and Bob, I don't see anybody else in this group dying yet.

Oh yeah, Beth, where the hell are you?
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