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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
This was my original comment. Do I not have a right to dislike a band who I've always liked who have gone Hippie/Hipster/Trippy whatever you want to call it?

So someone retaliates and they're the bad guy? Ok, got it.

Dude puts Carrie Underwood and /or Kelly Clarkson in every top 10 list on here hence the Idol comment. How do you not know that?

The only sad thing I see is people being sheep and liking something because everyone else on here does. Old Cynic was awesome. New Cynic isn't my thing and I made a comment on someone's list who I thought had some similar tastes and was called out for it. Why?

Apparently some people can't let some old stuff go. Maybe...

You have every right not to like new Cynic, but saying I'm a nerdy virgin who has never seen a vagina is a bit much of a retaliation don't you think?
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