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Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
Cynic that high and Steel Panther that low... Wow. Some of those Cynic lyrics are just so f'n bad... I dig some of the music but just can't over the Haight-Ashbury crap...
This was my original comment. Do I not have a right to dislike a band who I've always liked who have gone Hippie/Hipster/Trippy whatever you want to call it?

So someone retaliates and they're the bad guy? Ok, got it.

Dude puts Carrie Underwood and /or Kelly Clarkson in every top 10 list on here hence the Idol comment. How do you not know that?

The only sad thing I see is people being sheep and liking something because everyone else on here does. Old Cynic was awesome. New Cynic isn't my thing and I made a comment on someone's list who I thought had some similar tastes and was called out for it. Why?

Apparently some people can't let some old stuff go. Maybe...
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